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Laura Lawson 

Do I make a wish here,or is there an application? Does this site even still exist? Help. Thanks

Nancy walton 

My name is Nancy my family an.I have had a bad two yrs my kids father passed away suddenly . Things started to.get better then I lost my.job 4months an haven't found another one yet three weeks ago my kids grandpa who's since theirs passed step up n his sons place an has been a dad to them him an his wife took us n an we've became a close family well three weeks ago we was told he has cancer he was made to stop work for good then last week they took his kidney. We r losing everything we can't pay rent this month an r utility's was Shut off yesterday is there anyone who can help us please an thank u an god bless


Have a great day and thank you very much.

Ben Worman 

Praying for a miracle such a good site ino rent assistance or will be evicted Monday. Im disabled any thing would help.
Thanks and god bless

Anthony Allen 

Thanks to all the people that run this website. I think what your doing is phenomenal. If there were more people and organizations like this I believe we'd live in a better world. To everyone else... Pay it forward!

Michelle Duke 

Thank you for your consideration!

Julie Luedke 

Thanks to all who read this.
I am sincerely hopeful someone will help me out.

Linda Tucker 

I just sent a Make a Netwish. Thank you so much for listening to my story. Besides the money I need for my Lung Cancer return & spread, felt good to speak about it.

Thank You so much for this site.,

Pamela J Bennington 

Stay kind.
Thank you.
God Bless.

Gladys J 

I am requesting a net wish to help pay my rent i just recieve a letter in the mail that i will be turned over to collections. I have been out of work since March 2nd 2018 since my assignment ended with company i was working with. I was employed with a staffing agency at a company but the company didnt renew their contract so the assignment ended, i had been there almost 2 yrs before this. I have been looking for work but all of the jobs that i applied for doenst start until the end of April or the first of may and im now $1040 behind on my rent. My normal rent is $700 and i had $240 that was left from March and then on the 6th of the month they charged 10% so now the total is $1040. I have the letter from my rent office if needed. I giving this a try i have exhausted all other avenues of assistance

Diana Manuel 

Good Morning. I am updating my netwish due to having an error in the address and feeling that I was not detailed enough. My apologies for the discrepancy and for any redundancy. My name is Diana Manuel. I reach out to you today in hopes of being selected for assistance from your gracious donation and dedication to this mission. Health issues in my family became an unsaid but expected companion in our journey through life. I have multiple autoimmune disorders but the biggest challenge is my congenital heart disease coupled with a pacemaker and stent. I now have at least one valve completely blocked and working on another. I do not worry about myself. However my husband was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer and my oldest daughter was recently diagnosed mixed connective tissue disease. Given a sentence of pain and body deterioration without cure. I work for Phoenix Children Hospital averaging 45-55 hrs a week and will continue until i can no longer to take a moment of worry away from my family. However had to have surgery and lose income. I am now back to work and have taken care of all bills except for our phone bill. Our phones are the lifeline literally for my family doctors and cancer center. I only am past due 260.00 with any documents needed as proof. I pray for any assistance. Anything is a blessing. Even if I am not selected, please hear my deepest heartfelt appreciation for everything you are doing. Truly a special person with an angels heart. I only hope for blessings to be showered upon you as you for your fellow neighbors. Sincerely Diana Manuel

Veronica Jacqueline Medina 

I need emergency assistance with my cps energy bill. Due april 25th for 717.53. I am an unemployed single mother ,unable to work, caring for a medically challenged toddler. diagnosed with a rare syndrome.
Snyder-robinson syndrome is a condition characterized by intellectual disability, muscle and bone abnormalities, and other problems with development.
He is on tube feedings due to his diagnoses of larygomalcia. Abnormalities in the vocals and other issues. He is epileptic and getting seizures when he is overly stressed out with heat and having gastrointestinal problems due to being unable to absorb medication properly. we're currently getting help from ssi, which pays the rent. Pending case for tanf , recieve food stamps which feeds me and keeps us from worrying . we have been looking for assistance to help and finally found you guys. Please help me keep my little guy cooled and have a way to get fed and keel his medical equipment funtional.


It is so good to find a site like this after looking everywhere for help. I almost gave up hope.

I am 26 years old, have a five year old Son and am currently pregnant with my second son whom will be here August first. We have fallen into hard times. With my being so close to the end of my pregnancy, my job let me go and now I am struggling to pay my bills.

My electric is due to be shut off any day now as they have not received a substantial enough payment to satisfy them. I am merely asking for enough help to remove the shut off notice and nothing more. I am actively seeking other ways to pay off the bill but I have not been successful.

If any could find It in their heart to help my family out, I would be forever grateful and thankful for the help. God Bless you all.


While I did ask for assistance, I have not heard. I am thankful for all those that do get some help! Thankful there is netwish to give that little glimmer of hope to those in need!
I have a terminal lung disease and since being diagnosed, I look at life just a little differently... I tend to find the positive in any situation. It is so hard for many when people that don't struggle financially advise, "Don't sweat the small stuff" when that is what those not so financially independent must do! We must decide, is it more important to have food this week or lights? Is it more important to get our kids their school supplies or pay our bills? 
Now I tend to look at things in a way that bring positivity to my situation. While I can't bring my children out to McDonalds, I can give them food. While I can't afford those name brand clothes, they do have clothes! 
Netwish can help those to feel that positivity! They can alleviate the pressure just a bit to let them know, someone cares... someone wants them to succeed... they are worth it! 
Thank you netwish for being available for those who need that little pick me up! 


Good site

Tamara nickerson 

To whom ever needs a positive word .I just want you all to know that even tho my situation is overwhelming at times an I'm completely exhausted most of the time remember that even tho it may being a storm going on in your lives it can't rain forever .keep your head high an know that no matter how hard the struggle is never except defeat. For it's not about getting what you want in life it's about wanting what you have so have patients.for true patience is not just waiting for the storm to pass but having the right attitude while you wait out the storm .as for me an mine the storm is an everyday accurance so we just learned to dance in the rain .thank you to all who took the time to read my are all loved an to blessed to be stressed.


Nice to help out there for those that need it even a little goes long way!!! THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Bridges 

thanks for listening and for any blessing that you can give. i'm so glad you guys are here for people


Hello, my name is Elisa and I am a mother of 3... I recentally loss my apartment and I'm living with a total stranger she and pays her every month for rent which is fine, but my children and I need our own place its hard sleeping in one room. I am employed and can afford to pay 900.00 per month for a 2 bedroom place, but the problem is I cant find a place that will look beyond my credit situation and also a no down payment I have no funds for downpayment.. and an afforable place in a decent neighbourhood. Can anyone help me please. 

DeAnna Flood 

I appreciate anybody who takes the time to read my request for help. I am a single mother with 3 kids. Lost my job and getting behind on one bill. My oldest graduated high school 6 months early. I am starting work next week however our lights will be getting disconnected soon. I really could use the help please. So that I may start on trying to afford senior pictures and hoping next month's rent. It's hard being a single parent with no help but we mothers try our best. Any help appreciated. Email sometimes don't work so please respond by mail as some of us can't afford Internet. 1700 N Wisconsin B1 Mitchell SD 57301. My light company is Northwestern. Thank you and God bless you for helping who you can.

Victoria Turner 

I am unsure if netwish will be able to provide any help to me at this time. But when I seen I said I have tried everything else . I am disabled and have been with electric for the pAst 12 days and at this unsure how many more to come. I receive a monthly disability check but at times it don't cover all the bills like now and truthful I will not be able to pay myself till Mays check but most likely June's June's check . I am just hoping I might get some help . I never ask for help and this is really hard for me to do. Because I feel as there is other people that have it worst off or need the help more. I at least have a place to sleep it might be cold and dark at the moment and all the food I had went bad and unable to cook what I had that was refrigerated. But I do have a home. Thanks to anyone that took time to read this. Victoria

Chris Jones 

Hello, my name is Chris and I was diagnosed with scitzoeffective disorder which makes it hard for me to work.currently I receive $469.00 from SSI,wich is not enough to pay all of my dream is to own my own house so me and my family will be any donation will be put toward a down payment on buying a house.


I would appreciate any assistance provided...

Cynthia Turner 

I hope someone hears my plea... if not, I wish every one of you a blessed day and many more to come

Charlene St. Sauveur 


Regardless of the difficulties each of us face if we look hard enough regardless of how bad things are we can always find something positive.  It is through these difficult times that we realize our own strength.  It is through perseverance and faith that will help each of us to remember that we can get through anything.  One thing I have learned is having a positive support system around helps a great deal.  We are never alone as we walk our journey.  We just have to be open in seeing what is in front of us and find the positive within any negative situation that we are presented with.  We all will get through these hardships that are allowing us to grow in a way that is beyond our understanding.  May we all find peace, love, and happiness in whatever way that may be even through the adversities that are presented to each of us. 

becky Thackston 

My husband was diagnosed with AML Leukemia Sept 2017. He has not been able to work since then and I have been his sole caregiver trying to get him to his appointments, work and take care of the home. Losing his income has put a strain on our finances. Right now anything that can help with food or our necessary bills such as lights, water, and gas would help tremendously. We are unsure if he will be able to return to his company and I just don't know how to pull things together to get us through. I have tried to leave a netwish but I can't get the submit to go through. 

Desmond Arline 

I have been diagnose with cancer in January.I was told i wasnt able to work do to my diagnose so now im behind on my bills and things are really tight as of now.Thanks in advance for the help.... GOD. BLESS.


Thank you netwish for letting me have a little hope.  

Ashley Clayborne 

Hello my my name is Ashley Clayborne and I'm writing this because I'm in desperate need of financial help last year I've lost my job november of last year 2017, I couldnt and still cannot pay my rent nor my bills, I've been denied unemployment, my car broke down and took up most of my money I had left .

I dont want to lose my apartment its my very first apartment on my own.

Please help me 
Im in need of help to pay my late rent and keeping groceries in my apartment. 

Sincerly Ashley, Clayborne

Jessica Harris 

I am a single mother of 3 teenagers with 2 of them still living at home and the 3rd just had my first grandbaby at age of 18 and married. I became disabled 4 years ago and during that time I lost my family support that was always their for me raising my kids. My mother-in-law, father-in-law, and my father all passed away during the last 5 years. I am really struggling trying to juggle everything on my own. I am behind 2 months on my rent and about to be evicted. I am also behind on truck payment because of mechanical issues and power bill. I took in my cousin her husband and 3 kids last October because hey had no one to help them when they lost their home. I thought I was doing rhe right thing and I was taken advantage of for almost 4 months. I have been able to get them out of my home.e but now I am still having to try and catch up financially from all they took and tan up. My rent is 240 a month, my truck is 200 and my power bill as 867.00 I have majority of power bill paid off now but still struggling to keep it in

Jennifer M Lachapelle 

My husband has a mass inside his spinal cord, he has Transverse Myelitis and now poss I be Multiple Sclerosis. Because of this he is not able to work. Yes we have filed for disability. He already has had his appeal hearing. I've been doing everything I possibly can, however we're in a bind and need rent money. Our rent is $300 a month. Our landlord is wanting it by the 19th. I've tried everything I can think of. I was working at a bar, however there was a shooting there, so the bar owner closed the upstairs down which was where I worked. So I'm looking for a new job. I just really need help. We have no where to go if we get evicted. Please, I don't want to be homeless.

Angela Stone 

I am a single mother of 3 wonderful children. I currently reside in a shelter with my two sons whom ha e to miss school at times to assist me with my wheelchair and grocery shopping. I have had a traumatic change in my health and physical and mental strength due to undiagnosed chronic debilitating disease process over the past year. I have been unemployed due to having to attend physicians daily for 6 months now. With no relief I now have been told by local major hospital nuerosurgeon I have growths on my brain that need immediate attention and my insurance company and radiologists are not cooperating. Me and my children are suffering enormous stress and challenges daily due to this sudden change in my physical capabilities and struggle to travel as we have no personal family transportation vehicle. I found your link on ABTA.ORG with an indication of 500.00 donation listed and am curious if you would be interested in helping us with more so that we have reliable transportation which will greatly alleviate a burden and give us an opportunity to remain a family and become more self sufficient. I am awaiting a response from SSD. I also have been diagnosed with morbid activity in my abdomen currently pertaining to my abdominal region with severe liver involvement. If you decide to help us me and my children would be so thankful and appreciative of your caring and courteous gesture of genorosity. You would be providing a step towards some way of restoration to our lives. Thank you so much for your consideration. Please call me at 321 208 4936

Scott Alejandra 


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Stephen Franklin, Jr 

I am a single father of a2 month old boy who has been hospitalized since 2/13/2018 with RSV and pneumonia. He was on ventalor for a week and half. He is getting better. I have been at hospital with him since he was admitted. Just looking for any help with my monthly bills. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Hi I just want to wish everyone much love peace and happiness


I'm Kristina. 27 years old. I am writing today trying to get help with my electric bill.
I am over 500$ behind on the bill and my cut off date is very soon.
About a year ago my mother passed away, witch left me homeless with pretty much no family or help.
I typically don't ask for help. But I'm at a point in my life were I honestly really need it.
I have a lot of faith that things in my life will get better and easier. But right now I'm struggling. And would be very gracious and grateful for any help that I can get at the moment.
And all the prayers I can get
Thank you also for taking time to read this.
Truly Alone
Kristina Smith
Don't know what to do any more!!

Baltazar v. Sinajon 

A very commendable group that the objective for the people. Who need help....keep up the good work God bless you alealw..I salluate ...

Maria Farias 

I am a Patient Navigator and I am applying on behalf of a patient who gave me permission to apply on his behalf. His name is Norman Izquierdo. He is a patient with stage IV brain cancer and is slowly loosing many of his abilities such as seeing and driving.

He would like to receive a gas card or money to help pay for gas money for his rides to and from his cancer appointments. I can provide you with his phone number and email, at this time he has a hard time speaking and others find it difficult to understand what he is saying.

Jennifer Lynn Schaper 

To whom it may concern,
I've been struggling since my mother passed away since 07/08/2013. I lost everything. I filed for SSI&SSDI on 05/2016. Since then I've been diagnosed with COPD as well as my small intestine perforated which lead to emergency surgery and I was left to live with an ileostomy. 07/12/2017 I've shuffled around as well as in and out of the hospital. I have a friend in which she opened her home to me to send a room her house is 3500 square feet and they usually don't rent rooms out they made an exception for me because they witnessed my struggles in trying to keep a place to live. Well I've been here now since 02/07/2018 and have not been able to pay for anything besides food and our agreement was $150 a week. I'm $450 passed due. If I don't have something to present to them by 02/28/2018 I will be asked to leave.. I'm still waiting on my disability determination and I am unable to work. I've been to several churches and assistance ministries and they have refused to help me in my unfortunate situation. I am asking for this help please. I am 49 yrs.old and I'm in a safe&comfortable home and I'm not as stressed and depressed as I have been. I'm praying something will come through for me by then. Thank you for your time.
Jennifer Lynn Schaper

Estelle E. 

Since our mother passed away last Sept. of 2017, my older sister and I have struggled to keep up with household expenses on our limited income. I am behind in my car payments and need my car to get to work. My older sister is recovering from knee surgery and doesn't drive at all. I would appreciate gifts sent to Capital One Auto Finance towards my account. I am three months behind and in danger of losing the car. My payments are $369.55 per month.


I need some help paying for 2 teeth that had to be pulled, due to the pain from the teeth. I have no dental insurance, and this has created a hardship on me, for I live on a limited income. I hardly have any money left to live paying just my regular bills. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

Blaze DeCarlo 

This is an honest search for anyone who can help me start my life over. I've had some horrible things done to me that wasn't my fault and ruined my life. My faith is in God and this is the direction I'm being led this morning.

What I need is some help from people who want to help because they can. I've been on the giving side before and have gone out of my way to help those who were less fortunate than myself. Now I find myself in a state of desperation with no other help from federal/state resources, because I don't qualify.

I'm in fear of losing my place of residence and having nowhere to go. It cost me approximately $400 a week to live.  I'm working really hard to start an online writing business over that once thrived, however, starting at the bottom takes some time.

No amount is too big or too small, I'll appreciate any donations that good-hearted people can offer. When I say I lost everything, I lost everything, house, vehicle, my son, and other things too personal to mention. I need some emergency help as soon as possible. 

My mother passed away due to a horrible battle with cancer. She would have wanted her children to have something, however, after all medical bills and treatments, there was just simply not much left. To my surprise, she left $1500 for each of us 3 kids in a savings account. That's what I had to start my life completely over with and I would rather have my mother still here than the money, but to know she still thought of us while she was dying tore my heart out. That money is gone and I need some help from people who can, simply because they want to.

If anybody want to share this link please feel free to do so.

Thank you and God bless.

Michelle N Morris 

Hello, I am writing this for my sister, Daisy Hammers. She is only 33 years old and in the advanced stages of cervical cancer. She has been fighting her cancer for almost two years and is not doing good at all. She drives to San Francisco every couple of weeks to see specialists, but to no avail. She only weighs 83 pounds and her body is shutting down on her. She has fistulas in her bladder and colon. Which caused her to have two bags coming from her kidneys out her back for collection. She is in tremendous pain and the cancer is spreading and very aggressive.
The area where we live, out in the country, is very dusty and dirty, but she must stay in a sanitary environment to avoid infection. The doctors have given her about 4 months to live. In the time she has remaining she needs to be moved into town where it is cleaner and not as dusty. However, she has very limited finances. The only thing she wants, besides a cure of course, is to find a clean apartment for her and her two children to stay for her remaining days with them. If you could please help her or tell me who can it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Michelle

John J Stevens 

I just want to say thank you for taking the time to read it and there should be a lot more people like you all out in the real world

Deborah Gancarz 

I have never asked for assistance before, but am very overwhelmed at this time.  I'm a disabled 55 yr old woman with health issues that prevent me from working. I'm not on any government assistance, just a long term disability check from my past employer each month.  It's not enough to pay for rent, utilities, food, medical expenses and insurance.  Each month I'm getting further into debt and can't see any way out. I'm incredibly embarrassed to even write this, but was advised to by a friend who I trust. I'm reaching out as a last resort and praying for a tiny miracle.  Thank you for letting me post this.

Ashley Gravitt 


Hello all. I’m reaching out to your FINAL NOTICE PRIOR TO DISCONNECTION for our Ameren Missouri Utility Bill, Disconnect date: Feb. 20, 2018. We are foster parents of a 20-month-old boy, who we so proudly get to call our God Son. The only difference than the usual foster parents, is we have to travel weekly from Moberly, MO to Springfield, MO, for parent visits; which is at minimum a 10-hour day of just being on the road. That’s in one day, and we started doing this with our foster son when he was only 5 months old, and traveled 3 times a week in the beginning, we've done this traveling for parent visits since November 2016. We were on budget billing, enrolled into it the day we knew we were going to be traveling a lot, weekly, for our new calling of God to being foster parents. Sometime mid-spring last year, the budget billing got cancelled and then resubmitted, and the payment was triple what we had originally had set up for the budget billing. The only reason we could ever receive from the utility company was that Summer month’s cause consumers to use more electricity, so they had to provide us with an “average” cost in our area and then give us a monthly budget billing rate. We disagreed with their fixed budget billing amount they expected us to pay, because we have a brand-new Energy Star, Energy Efficient AC unit, and we had proof that we used less electricity almost by double in the Summer months. Unfortunately, that didn’t matter to their customer service reps or managers at the time we were negotiating the facts with our usage, and it led us to setting up a payment plan monthly for the balance due (what was left that needed to be paid-in-full of the budget billing months we were opt in), plus whatever our monthly charges were for each month. And somewhere in their system they show we lapsed on our actual "payment plan" they had set up for our "budget billing past balance due", hence I am making one hopeful wish to your organization. Since November, we've had NOTICE to Disconnect letters every-single-month since. At this point, I felt I needed to request help that we desperately need, since my fiancé has worked beyond limits to get these disconnect dates pushed out while we try to get some sort of assistance, so we do not get disconnected. Ms. Dodd finally was able to get our application submitted and processed with Missouri's LOW-INCOME HOME ENERGY ASSISTANCE PROGRAM, on 1/19, and were notified on 1/31 that the benefit amount they could provide was $233.00, followed by "You are expected to continue paying any "AMOUNT DUE" on the bill you receive from your utility company". This benefit amount was just received mid-last week, which was towards the amount due of $2,758.39 or service will be disconnected on Feb. 20th.

My fiancé, Ms. Dodd, has stayed on top of all the communication between the utility company; such as, we've had extension on disconnect dates for our medical needs foster son (which extended us the past 30 days) that was sent from the Doctor's office via fax directly to Ameren Missouri, so it could be approved by a manager at Ameren, as well as reached out to individuals, her boss, and other local nonprofits for assistants. Although, we haven't been successful with any help, expect for the LIHEAP program benefit amount of $233.00. We just received our FINAL NOTICE PRIOR TO DISCONNECT on FEB. 12th, this Monday, that we MUST pay $2,758 by Feb. 20th, giving us only 5 business days basically to get assistance. I stay at-home with our foster son who is a medical needs child, so we only have one income; due to the doctor appts, visits with parent(s), case workers, in-home physical therapy, OT therapy, and speech therapy, AFO brace fitting, doctors appts, and next we have genetic counseling/doctor appts next week for a rare duplication our foster son has been diagnosed with a few weeks ago.

We have never had to ask for help from anyone until November, due to our monthly check for fostering got more than 2 months behind earlier last year, around March 2017, and all late fee's, back pay, upfront cost for fuel for our traveling, daily living, etc.  has caused our emergency fund and savings account to no longer exist, and well we are at a dead-end road as of now. I was searching for organizations that focus on hardworking, low-income, parent(s) to grant us some sort of ‘hope’ and assistants to pay towards our utility bill and I found your non-profit organization which explained was focused “to help the less fortunate among us pay their bills and cover emergency expenses. Free financial aid and cash grants may be provided to families with children, older adults and other vulnerable people who are facing a short term financial hardship.” We would be beyond blessed, thankful, and will eventually be able to pay-it-forward again in the future to individuals that will seek assistance just like we are doing today. I decided to reach out directly, as a hopeful surprise “funding” or payment to our utility bill for my fiancé. However, I understand you all my need to seek more detailed information about the utility account and/or need to be directed to Ms. Dodd for answers, which I will be sure to let her know I did reach out for assistance since we are on a time restrain with such short notice from Ameren Missouri. Again, thank you for the opportunity to make a wish to you lovely individuals, and I look forward to hearing from you all. And if further information is needed, please let me know, and I will direct you all to my lovely Ms. Dodd.  

Our story behind us becoming foster parents is unique, the parents are a couple we actually helped out prior to moving back to our home town in Moberly, we lived next to these individuals who had moved in with the next door neighbors of ours, and we noticed how hardworking the soon-to-be father was and then realized that the roommates only moved the couple in the make him pay double the amount of rent to catch up their past due rent, when we noticed we informed the couple (solely because he was working 2 -3 jobs, I was giving him rides to his jobs, and the mother was pregnant). Then, of course, these neighbors/roommates get an eviction notice on their front door in/around late March-Mid April 2016. At this point, I felt the only option I had was to do some budgeting, and then my fiancé and I sat down discuss our finances and agreed on doing whatever we could to get them a place to stay while we figured out a place for them to call home. Not to mention, we had already confirmed we were moving back to our hometown Moberly in August of 2016, but we knew they needed some sort of help because this precious baby boy was due in June 2016. I was able to budget our finances, and I secretly put them hotels (nice ones of course), all while I convinced our landlord to allow me, all by myself, to FLIP the other house next door to us (the day the individuals moved out of it). See, we were the middle house and our landlord owned all 3 homes. We were even able to use his workshop shed for storage of their belongings so no one else living in the home they were used in knew where they were going or what their plan was, we didn't want these folks to do something terrible to our belongings, cars, home, etc. since they were not trustworthy individuals and had no care in the world of others. It took a lot of “all-nighters” to flip this home, and then we made sure to set the home up, I gave them my couch, kitchen table and chairs, futon, high-end sheets, bedding, bath towels, computer desks, and wanted them to know we noticed the hard work the father had been doing, and that we wanted them to have a home since they were expecting a baby boy in June. After about 1.5 months of living in the hotels, the house was completed, but the landlord didn't trust the couple, so I put myself on the front for them and paid in 3 months’ rent in advance, wrote the year rental agreement with the landlord, and informed them they finally had a home. We literally were all they had and still all they have, the father has no support system, or any family, and the mother doesn't have family either, so we literally bought them the nicest things they never had in their live prior to this big "move-in" date reveal we had planned out for them. They thought they had to move all their stuff into the home, and were surprised to know we even went the extra length to set up their home, put all their belongings away, organized, cleaned, etc. Then we moved in August 2016, and in late October 2016 we received a call from the father asking/begging if we were approved if we would please take his son into our care because he was taken out of the home and he didn't want him in the foster home with strangers, we are the God-Parents of this precious baby boy, so of course without any hesitation we said Yes, absolutely. It just so happened, my fiancé and I had just discussed finances a couple days before the phone call, and we had enough in our savings to survive for a year while she was back in college to get her RN. She had just resigned from her $21/hour position, a couple days prior to this call as well, at a hospital in Columbia, MO. She's a licensed nurse (LPN) in the state of Missouri, and the main reason we relocated was to be closer to our families, and for her to get back into school. Fast forward, almost 16 months later, and now we are in the lowest, and darkest/dead end road we never thought we would hit.  My fiancé had to take this semester off from school, the full-time student, part-time job at a local business here, and all the unexpected medical/doctor’s appointments has forced her to take this time off from college and obviously finances aren’t stable for us to afford out-of-pocket cost for the classes and books. 

Its beyond our control at this point on what we can do and we would be beyond blessed for any guidance or helpful directions to assistants on this utility bill. 

Heather Palmer 

Hello readers.My husband and I can really use some help with food and necessities.We are lost as to what to do at this point and I have spent a lot of time crying.I hate asking for help as this was my last resort.We have been through so much in the last couple years
June 3rd 2015 my father died from a brain aneurysm,August 1st 2016 my husband's mother died from lung cancer,and 2 weeks before hurricane Irma 2017...we had to have our jack russell put to sleep because she had cancer.My father and my husband's mother used to help us when we needed it but we don't have them now and it hurts.Afterng the rent and bills we had absolutely no money left to buy food and things we need like personal hygiene,dish soap,household,and things for our puppy and older dog.We ran out of dish soap so we have been using the last few paper plates we had in the cabinet.We live on one income of his SSI and it is very hard. I have tried looking for work with no luck and I am going to have to file for disability as well because I have bad lower back arthritis and can't stand or walk for long periods.Ive been trying to become my husbands paid caregiver but its a waiting list that has gotten nowhere yet.We don't have transportation at the time because the engine quit among other issues it had and have been having to ask for rides with nobody being able to help most times unless we save money from his SSI to get a taxi once month.If you can help us it will relieve a weight off our shoulders and dry the tears we've been crying.

Jessica Alderete 

To whom it may concern,
I am a 41 yr old mother of a 3yr old and a 17 yr old, that i pay $600/mo in child support for in NM. I live with my mother who is semi-retired and is 67. My brother, 38, a former marine on disabilty, due to szchophrenia, also lives with us. My wonderful mother, a teacher and geneologist, is supporting us all. We have no transportation and live in my grandmother's home that my mom had to take over, including bills and mortgage,when she became ill and eventually passed away 2 years ago. My mother also took care of my grandmother for years. She has supported us since my father left when i was 12. Without the help of child support. My mother and i are both college graduates. Our electricity is going to be shut off by 5pm tomorrow. I lost my job due to transportation issues. Our house is falling down. Holes in kitchen and bathroom, we have no oven and 1 working stove eye. Half the outlets work and there are squirrels in our walls destroying everything. And mold in the basement. I could keep going on, i really dont know where to start or end? Please help my mother! She also has scoliosis and should be in a wheelchair already. I dont think she has bought anything for herself in 30 years. And she researches genealogy for eztra income and teaches 2 classes at our local community college. I am starting a new job this week. Please help us....

William Frank Coplan 

I .Really hope you can help me an my pregnant wife but even if you don't thank u so much for what you are doing God bless you

Monica Bermudez 

5801 s 12th Ave apt 261 I'm just trying to make a better life for myself with out having to be put down or ashamed of my mental illness
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