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This is my first time here, I hope to find some help. It's been a really hard year and 1/2. I know God has a plan, I pray for guidance.

Sheryl Harris 

What a wonderful site. Thanks for your BLESSINGS!!!!

Myschelle H 

So glad I found this sit my best friend really needs the help along with her disabled child. Most humble woman I know..

Tonia Arpke 

I truly hope that I can get some type of help. My husband and I have been homeless since the 8th of July (His 54th Birthday) I am working but only paid every two weeks. Praise God that I still have a job! He has a whole host of medical problems and is supposed to have surgery on his back and I have asthma and copd, so being out in the heat and humidity is not healthy for us. All of the local resources have been contacted and have been told that there is no financial assistance to be had. Homeless shelters are all filled to capacity and the only recourse we have is living out of our vehicle. Any help is appreciated and greatly needed.
Thank you in advance for your time and attention.

Maria Wey 

This is a good thing that you are doing. Wonderful. 

LaTasha Cookinham 

How to find out if you got a grant

M. A. Hairston  



I just want to say that I really need your help.

Thank you 

Rebecca Ogg 

Hi my name is Rebecca Ogg and i know you don't owe me anything but im a big believer in miracles and Lord knows I need one right now so I hope you will read my story. I know this is a very long shot and I understand that you are very busy but I hope you read this and can help me in any way you can.
Ever since the beginning of the year my family has had endless struggles and they just seem to get worse everyday. My husband, who has been in the military since January of 2014, is currently getting discharged and has been going through some family and personal problems for months and has to pay legal fees to get everything taken care of. And it has really put our little family in a rough spot.
We have 2 children, a 3 year old boy and a 4 year old girl, and have one due in December.
I started a go fund me page to help my husband and family but that pretty much fell through because only 3 people donated and only was shared 50 times, I have asked family and friends if they could help but nobody has been able to, Ive also applied for grants but I've either been denied or haven't gotten a response yet, and I feel as if we have nowhere else to turn. We have to come up with all total around 15k to get where we can stay on top of everything again but all I'm asking for is 5k to get us afloat. I know that's a lot of money and i understand if you cannot help with that much but if you can help us in any way, we would be forever grateful!
We currently are living with my mother in law and her children in a 3 bedroom house and we have no vehicle to get to places other than when my mother in law is home and I don't know how we'll work with getting another car seat in the car in December due to her having only a 5 seater car.
With my husband getting discharged and me not being able to find work it has really put a strain on our lives. My husband has always busted his butt to give everything he can to our family but this past 6 months has gotten us so far behind. So if you can find it in your heart to help my family and I, it would be the biggest blessing!
Thank you so much for your time! And God bless you!

Cyndy Greschak 

Dear Netwish,

I'm honestly hoping my wish will be granted.  Just before the end of 2016 I got the devastating news that I had stage 3 Triple Negative Breast Cancer.  At that time, my oncologist told me that I had a 50% chance of overcoming my diagnosis but that it all depended on how it all responded to the chemotherapy treatments. On June 20th I had a double mastectomy with several lymph nodes removed.  I met with my oncologist on July 12th to discuss the results of my pathology report from my surgery.  In the end, the cancer that was removed showed no signs of effect from my previous treatments and that it has already spread.  My once 50% chance has now become less than a 1% of recovery. 

I am asking for assistance because with this new diagnosis comes a new, stronger treatment and my husband will be required to take some time off to help take care of me during this time.  My family could really use assistance with getting a new air conditioner for our living room.  The $200 would help us purchase a brand new air conditioner for our living room which is where I am currently sleeping because I need to recline so I am able to breath while I am sleeping.  During these summer and into the early fall months, I have to be very careful with the heat.  Because I had several (13 total) lymph nodes removed from under my right arm, I have to be especially careful to keep myself cool to help prevent lymphedema in my right arm.  Recently I have been diagnosed with severe edema in both of my lower legs which make walking very difficult.  With the new air conditioner, my body would be able to heal from the edema in my legs easier and faster and be better at preventing the lymphedema which could lead to further complications with my current chemotherapy and/or hospitalization. 

Thank you for your consideration for assistance.  Your assistance would make a world of difference to not just me but to my family as well. 


Michelle V 

Hi! I saved 7 feral kittens who were 2days old and their mom. She had two other babies before this pregnancy and only two are left, well one. Unfortunately it was to late, when I finally got the kittens and mom in the apartment safe and sound, I had to trap the other kitten who was a few months older than these kitten.. The other one that was with him is gone.. SOOO what brings me here is I need a little help. These kittens are now starting to eat food, mom and "🐦 birdie", eat and pee/poop, I have taken the mom and birdie to the free vet in my area they got shots ($48), I'm having trouble.. I found homes for all of them and NONE WILL BE WITHOUT A FAMILY MEMBER I'm happy about that. I will keep one kitten, and the older 1/2 brother, birdie. I still have a few weeks before they all can go. I am meeting everyone at a local Human Society, where they will be checked and get shots and spay/neutered.. When my grandmother moved in to this condo there were so many cats/kittens around and it broke my heart. It's sad that many were left behind by their family! Well I am happy to say I saved these kitties, the poor moms insides are a mess from 3 pregnancies one after another.. But she is being cared for and is going to a great home with one of the babies.. So that's my story.. It's SO EXPENSIVE, even with the clinic I finally could get to that just has u pay for meds and shots.. I've gone without eating normally to save these fur babies
thank you! From all of us!! πŸ¦πŸˆπŸ…πŸ˜»πŸˆπŸ±πŸ…πŸˆπŸ…πŸˆπŸ‘

Janet Linscomb 

[smile]1 Corinthians 10:31 - Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.


I am so glad to have come across the site. To know there are genuine people out here to offer a helping hand to those that may need it due to an unfortunate situation. 




Maybe this is a wish to any divorced fathers who have had custody issues, and might empathize.

My wife and I separated a while back, and she has now filed for divorce. Having always verbally agreed we'd share joint custody, I was shocked when she petitioned for full custody of our two young children.

With full custody she plans to move our kids from California to Puerto Rico, to live with her boyfriend.

I'm devastated. Barely ever seeing my kids is too much to bear. Right up to our separation I was the primary carer of our kids, while he was the breadwinner.

I'm now obviously faced with a legal battle, and desperately need to hire an attorney. But, I simply don't have the resources to do this. My wife spent all the savings we had, I don't have friends or family who can help with the sum I'm looking for, I have no assets I can fall back on, and since we separated I haven't been able to keep up with loan payments and I'm now not eligible for credit.

I simply have nowhere or no-one to turn to.

I know I have good grounds to fight against my wife's intentions, and eventually get her to pay legal fees and alimony, but that's all a process that takes time. She has also hired a top lawyer, and I know that if I attempt to represent myself I'll get eaten alive. To avoid that, I desperately need help now.

To add salt to the wound, my wife has now refused me access to my children, and given no reasons.

Again, I know this is a fight I can win, and not a lost cause, but I just simply can't raise the money to do this.

I desperately need in the region of &6000, but any donations, however small, would be gratefully accepted.
Please help me. This will be a classic scenario of the rich defeating the poor, on an unfair playing field, This shouldn't happen, and it isn't right, and it's breaking my heart every second of every day.

Thank you so kindly, and god bless.


Hello Netwish! My name is Elaine and I've just now noticed this organization on the Aunt Bertha website.  I do hope that they can help me because I don't like not knowing what I'm going to do if I don't get the help that I need for my rental for August.  Like most people, I don't like to ask for help either but when I think about the alternative, I put my pride on a back burner because after all where is pride when you're out of a roof to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Thank you.

Bob Deal 

I saw netwish in a course we are taking as required by the bankruptcy  court and entered a plea for their help in a rainy day fund to take care of emergencies. We are in our middle 80's and face the next 5 years in bankruptcy. I have every reason to think we will survive this period in our late lives and will continue to try and leave this earth better for having been here. When you have hope you have everything - and netwish offers us that.


Hello, my name is wade, I was diagnosed with MS four years ago. The disease is progressing fast enough that I had to retire from my work place of 26 years. I hate to ask for help as I have been supportive in my family, my pride needs to take a back seat and ask for help. Thank you for your consideration.

Sarah Ceasar 

Hello everyone, sending prayers for all of you. No one likes to ask for hand outs but in most of our cases this is a last ditch effort to get the help we need. Much love, don't give up πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š


I hope you will take a moment to think about my request. Anything would be a sincere help. I know I requested $300 but please if you can i would appreciate anything that can help. Thanks so much for considering me.

Kara Johnson 

Hi,my name is Kara and I have very limited pride but I possess a never give up theme for my life and hopefully it will pass on to my children. I told my daughter last week the world still has people that care. This literally is our last chance for help. I try to stay positive so my kids will not see me worry. I always speak to people and help them out if I can and I don't ever look for anything in return. But now I,we need a miracle. I believe.

Leocadio Machate 

Hoping that you can serve the most needy and those who are really in dire need of your financial help. I swear that once i receive my bank draft i will donate some of my money to your company as a form of gratitude.

Sandra L Dudley 

I really need help



Niurka Aguero 

I'm a single mother of two kids that work very hard to support my kids on my own but recently my son was diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing a treatment that make him stay many weeks at the hospital, I haven't been able to go to work because I have no help to take care of my son, I'm in desperate need to any help I could ge, God bless.

Julia sanchez 

I do hope we can b helped we are desperate, husband been fighting cancer for 3 years its been hard, but we are down to nothing and really need help thanx in advance wether u can help or not god bless

Brice Laser 

Made a wish because I am in need of serious desperate help!

I am currently going through a divorce and because of it I have been living in my car. It is very very hard for me to work and find a job that I can actually do and tolerate since I have very serious Crohn's Disease and have had multiple surgeries. And because of the Crohn's Disease I am constantly sick everyday, granted some days or better than others. And by living in my car doesn't help one bit and contributes to me being even more sick especially when I can't afford to eat or buy medication to help. But Since ive been living in my car I have had many things go wrong with my car that I cannot afford to get fixed. I have 1 flat tire that I replaced with donut and now have another tire going flat as we speak. Also, my driver side window is broken and will not go back up so I have plastic covering it.(Not very safe considwring I sleep in my car!) I'm also in desperate need of an oil change as well. I honestly canmot have my car die on me considering it is my home. I very truly feel like I am not asking for much amd honestly feel like I am quilified to receive immediate emergency assistance. (I hope) So a honest quick sum up of what i need deoperate help for(I hope it isn't asking for too much) is as follows-...
- CAR REPAIRS (Since living in car)...- 2 new/used front tires due to flats, desperate need of oil change, gas.
- LAUNDY (Be able to wash what clothes I have at local laundromat)

I very honestly and truly humbly thank all and any of you who actually took the time to read this. And I really hope that there is someone out there who is very truly kind and genuine who has a heart and compassion who is willing to help me out in my desperate time in need of serious help. I can promise that any help that is received will not be taken for granted and will be very much appreciated! Thank you and god bless!



This letter is being written in extreme desperation for help. My nephew came to visit me from Africa, Siaka Wade. HE got seriously sick in my hand and he didn’t have insurance. He was admitted June 13,2017 at St. Louis Children hospital for ruptured appendix, he spends three weeks in hospital.  

However, since his parents were not around and he was under my care at the time of his illness. I am responsible for the all the medical expenses. I got a medical bill in the mail for $12,878 after the hospital discount. I was making payment on the bill but due to financial hardship I can’t afford to make the balance payment of $9,182.00.  I required for this is beyond my reach, as I don’t have any savings because have to take care of my three kids and Times have become very harsh for my family.

My only hope is your organization. Your organization has already helped many needy people like me, and I hope for good from you. I am sending you medical bill from the collection agency. I will be very grateful for your donations.

Mary S. 

I'm struggling to secure a safe roof over my head. On the verge of becoming homeless if I can't fulfil my financial obligations- rent, phone, utility, and transportation bills need to be paid. The job I have doesn't pay much and I might lose it altogether due to not having reliable transportation soon. I am very far away from family and don't have any dependent children therefore I am left out of the social safety net system for the most part. I don't usually ask for help from others but I am swallowing my pride and reaching out to those who are concerned. Any financial help would be appreciated. Thank you. God bless

Alexandra A. 

Made a wish for help with rent at my mother in law's where we are staying at the moment, if anyone could possibly help it would greatly be appreciated and thanks in advance to whom ever can help! God bless you all!


made a wish for rent help need speedy miracle ive tried everything including God, now im trying this i hope i find the help i need to keep this roof over my head for me and my kids


Hi every one I am a single disabled mother of 4 birth children and 3 that I have taken in off the streets. We are being evicted due to family issues of the owner. We found another house but we need help on the deposits. If anyone could help that would be amazing.

Thanks for reading and God bless
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